Octagon House Museum • Hudson Wisconsin

Northern Moon Book Club August 18th

St. Croix County Historical Society presents Northern Moon Book Club at the Octagon House Museum, 1004 Third Street, Hudson, WI. The book club will be reading the “Northern Moon” trilogy of historic fiction by author Phil Peterson, Sr. Explore the impact of Prohibition on western Wisconsin during the Octagon House Museum’s summer book club. The book club meetings will be held at the Octagon House Museum on the porch reception area.

On Sunday, August 18th at 4 p.m. the book club will review book 3 “Northern Moon Repeal: 18th Fails, Repeal Succeeds, It’s Wet Again!”

In “Northern Moon Repeal” the Cartier family outsmart the Feds who try to keep them from reaching the Twin Cities with their bootleg deliveries of moonshine to the speakeasies. They begin deliveries to Superior Wisconsin and Chicago, which eventually causes them to tangle with the Capone gang. What happens when America decides it has had enough of Prohibition and votes it out? Alcohol of every type is reintroduced to our citizens on a grand scale.

The book club is open to any readers who are interested in Prohibition and reading the “Northern Moon” trilogy.